Citizen of Rome – Dynasty Ascendant is a sandbox role playing/management offline game where you control a character and their family in the Mid-Republic era of the Roman Republic

Experience life and events in the Roman Republic. Help your family rise to greatness and lead Rome to greater glory. Long live the Republic!

Gameplay features:

  • Marriage, Birth, Death, Succession, and Property
  • Several key Roman festivals
  • Traits and Skills
  • Education
  • Apprenticeships and employment
  • Elections and Class progression
  • Random interactions and events

You get to see how life was in the Ancient Republic, participate in their various customs, festivals and Ludi / sporting competitions, while raising a family and moving up in the social and economic hierarchy in the Republic.

You can educate your children, marry them off, sponsor their elections and much more. You’ll usually play as the eldest of your sons once your character dies.

The game is open-ended without a set endgame just like in real life, but a grand goal for any ambitious Roman family was to land a Consulship of the republic. This could be your goal in the game as well, climbing the Cursus Honorum and becoming a “New Man” – “Novous Homo”

Also we are working on adding more historical events and character paths that will let you follow the footsteps of the likes of Caesar, the Gracchi, Cicero, Crassus, Africanus or even Brutus. Follow their footsteps or Forge your own path to greatness!

PC gameplay short v1.2.1 – Citizen of Rome – Dynasty Ascendant

The game is under active development, please contribute any ideas, bugs and suggestions via an email to or on our friendly Discord

Available on PC, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android